Jul 08

I recently upgraded our relatively old QNAP TS-109 Pro NAS server to their newer TS-119P II model. Although I’ve encountered severe issues with Q-RAID 1 on the 119, I’ll cover that topic in another post. In this post I wanted to address a tweak to how our Ubuntu server is mounting NFS shares from the TS-119. Previously, the client’s /etc/fstab had entries along these lines:

network-disk:/share/HDA_DATA/photos     /mnt/network-disk/photos     nfs _netdev,defaults 0 0

However, I noticed recently that the wrong share for the NFS server would get mounted on the client. Getting the wrong share mapped to a local mountpoint really messed up the operation of apps on the client.

While I didn’t find this exact problem being discussed, I noticed that some people have been taking a slightly different approach to specifying the NFS shares:

network-disk:/photos     /mnt/network-disk/photos     nfs _netdev,defaults 0 0

Note the absence of the “/share/HDA_DATA” portion of the share name. Since I had not attempted this approach for quite some time, I thought I’d try it.

So far, so good. I’ll report back if this approach as fixed the issue. I also plan to update our Mac OS X clients to take this same approach. Simpler is better.

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