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Last month I was able to get a new pair of euro 2013 facelift B8 Avant tail lights installed on my 2010 Avant s-line. With the help of Cory, Alex of Europrice and David, the research, ordering and coding was very smooth. Thanks to those guys for their help.

This post addresses how I routed the fog lights. After installation and coding, here are the very bright fog lights in action:

Removing Trim Parts
The instructions supplied by Europrice were very clear and sufficiently addressed how to remove the rear side interior trim panels to access the vents for routing an extra wire from each outer unit and to route the drivers side extra wire under the rear load trim section over to the passengers side and the BCM unit.

I had read in various forum posts about routing the extra wire from each outer unit through a grommet in the rear body panel, but using the body vents seemed to be a lot easier route that probably won’t have any adverse impact.

Several photos of routing the outer lights’ extra wires through the body vents.

Two mistakes I made:

  1. I removed the metal sill protector trim even though it appears that I only needed to remove the underlying plastic part.
  2. Since I did not wear gloves when removing the metal trim stip, I cut my finger. Doh!

In the following photo, the metal sill protector is shown removed (ignore the blood). I believe I could have just removed the entire black plastic still on the sill without removing the metal sill protector.

The sharp edged metal load protector

Routing outer left wire under sill trim

The underside of the load trim after I reinstalled the metal sill plate.

Fog Light Wires
Although wiring the fogs is optional and I am not often driving in conditions to warrant using the rear fog lights, I figured it would be best to ensure they worked and that I didn’t end up with a dead switch on the dash.

The good news is that removal of the rear hatch plastic trim and some additional trim pieces went off without a hitch. As is often the case with interior trim removal, the lower rear hatch trim required quite a bit of force to remove it. Being relatively new to the disassembly process, I was pretty concerned about breaking parts.

I fished the longer of the two loose fog wires from the left side inner tail light area around the rear wiper motor and joined it up with the shorter loose wire on the right side. Then I routed the two wires together along the existing wire harness running up the right side of the rear hatch. I was concerned about the skinny trim piece being able to cover the extra wires, but it worked fine.

Yellow wire is extra required for fog light

I didn’t have instructions for removing the next set of trim pieces, but it was relatively easy to figure out. First, I popped off the trim from the right side hatch hinge. Next, I determined that I needed to remove the lateral trim piece at the rearmost portion of the headliner. This trim simply pops off from the rear. Its removal exposes the rear hatch motors.

The following photo shows the lateral rear headliner trim removed, but it was taken during reinstallation of the trim. Note the yellow fog light wires already installed.

Once this lateral trim is exposed, you’ll see a screw holding a portion of the D panel trim in place. In addition to this screw, I believe I removed at least one, perhaps two, additional screws from the sides of the D panel trim such that I could bend the D panel trim and fish the wires back down to the BCM area where the connections are made. The nice part of this approach was that I did not need to remove the entire D panel.

The following photos are looking down on top of the partially removed D pillar trim. The fog light wires are fished from left to right toward the BCM/fuse box location.

The following photos show how I ran the fog light wires through the bottom legs of the large u-shaped hatch trim.

Few More After Pics

Very bright fogs!

Close up of left fog:

Running lights (David coded them to act as DRLs):

Colors are washed out, but turn signal (top), brake (middle) and running light:

Brake, reverse and running lights:

Note reflector on inner portion of outer light unit. OEM 2010 US lights did not have this reflector.

Man, I am really liking these lights!

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  1. Clean install, well done!

  2. Sean says:

    HUGE thanks for this writeup. I’m about to do the same thing and this will definitely come in handy.

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